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Unsecured Lines of Credit

We Make Small Business Financing Easy

Willowdale Financial specializes in providing small businesses with flexible funding options to improve their operations. It is crucial for business owners to research all of their options to find flexible funding solutions to cover their expected and unexpected needs. Our unsecured business lines of credit work for your business not against it.

How It Works

unsecured-lines-of-creditAs a small business owner, you need access to working capital now. Whether you have trouble with your cash flow, need access to a revolving line of credit or need to cover some unexpected expenses, our unsecured business lines of credit are designed to meet the unique needs of your business. Your credit line is determined by the size of your business and its credit history. We won’t offer you a subprime loan because we want to enable your business to grow.

What we offer:

  • 0% introductory credit card
  • 1% – 5% over prime credit lines
  • No need for collateral
  • Unrestricted borrow and use of funds
  • Flexible payment options
  • Can receive up to $500,000
  • Long-term funding solution

Our pre-qualification process requires no obligation and takes less than 10 minutes.


Contact Us Now

Willowdale Financial is fully committed to providing you with flexible funding solutions that you can access at any time. Give us a call today. Our financial experts are ready to help you solve your cash flow problems now.

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