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Merchant Cash Advances

Giving You Smart Funding Options

merchant-cash-advancesBusiness owners who struggle to secure a traditional bank loan may be looking for alternative options. That is where our team at Willowdale Financial can help. We offer solutions such as a merchant cash advance, which provides you cash against your future credit card sales. Through choosing an advance, you can obtain as much as $200,000 per location of your business. We can help you get the capital you need without going further into debt.

The Advantages of an Advance

One great feature about a cash advance is that you can use the funds however you see fit, whether you need to pay the bills, invest in advertising or stock up on inventory. Additional advantages to our program include:

  • There are no fixed payments involved
  • We provide an easy payback system
  • There are no application fees or closing costs

We can make the money available to you within a week so you can start paying off debts or growing your operations almost immediately.


Contact Us Today

At Willowdale Financial, we work with a large funding base that provides us a diverse mix of financial products. Our specialists take the time to understand clients’ needs so we can develop a sound funding structure. We would love to talk to you about your options. Please contact one of our friendly representatives today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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