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Consumer Financing

Willowdale’s Consumer Finance Program

Willowdale Financial is proud to offer businesses a unique way to finance their consumers. Our consumer finance program is designed to keep your organization from losing sales, while increasing profits and promoting customer loyalty.

Program Highlights

business-to-consumer-financingWe want to help you to maximize your operations. We understand that many of your customers may have less than stellar credit and have less buying power than those who have better credit. Our consumer financing program enables you to give your customers the buying power they need to increase the volume of goods and services you sell.

Our program is suitable for businesses in a variety of markets that sell products or services under $10,000. We even purchase in-house accounts, retail installments agreements and revolving credit contracts that are in your current loan portfolio.

Highlights of our finance program include:

  • Finance customers with a 580 FICO score or better
  • Finance your turndowns
  • Create and launch flexible alternative financing programs
  • Instant credit approvals
  • Collection on bad debt
  • Increased traffic and business
  • Targeted marketing opportunities
  • Competitive credit limits

We also provide retail installment contract and consumer receivables financing as well.

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Willowdale Financial helps businesses large or small to increase their financing power so that their customers have more purchasing power. Call us today to learn more about how our consumer finance program can help you to reach more customers and grow your business.

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