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Accounts Receivable Financing

Finance Growth Through Accounts Receivables

accounts-receivable-financingFactoring, which is financing accounts receivable at a discounted rate, is growing in popularity. Businesses which sell services or products on invoice to companies, and give 30 or more days for payment may qualify for factoring. Willowdale Financial purchases receivables from clients based on their customers’ credit, which means that it is easy to qualify, even for companies that are losing money, involved in bankruptcy or are just starting up.

Financing receivables is not a form of debt. It is selling assets and is similar to outsourcing the accounts receivable department. When we factor, we provide additional services, such as checking customers’ credit, providing statements and bringing your attention to risky customers. We also provide free credit insurance.


A few benefits of factoring are:

  • No recourse for bad debt receivables
  • Easy financing
  • Cash in as little as 24 hours
  • No guarantees required
  • No debt repayments
  • Free credit insurance for your customers
  • No waiting for decisions from a loan board
  • No accountability in spending funds
  • Funding increase as receivables grow
  • Stop stressing about collections

Endless Possibilities for Uses

You are not accountable to us for the use of the funds received from Factoring because it is not a loan. This makes the possibilities endless for the ways you may use the fast cash. Some businesses use it for:

  • Payroll
  • Bulk purchases of inventory
  • Investments for expansion
  • Regulate seasonal demands
  • Handle unexpected orders

Learn More

Contact us to learn more about how factoring can provide your business with the extra funding you need. We will provide you with a free analysis of how we can assist you.

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